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Buying and Caring For Outdoor Furniture

There is a lot to consider when buying your patio furniture. Spending more will not always get you the best quality. Design should almost be your last consideration. Finding outdoor furniture that requires little maintenance and can stand the test of time in the natural elements probably won’t be just a trip to the store. You will want to buy furniture with your specific state and region weather patterns in mind, whether or not you have proper storage for them in the off season, and how often you are likely to clean the items yourself. Here’s what you need to know:

Outdoor Grade Materials

My favorite low maintenance material to buy outdoor furniture in is Aluminum because it’s naturally rust-resistant, it lasts a long time, and don’t need special attention to cleaning because it develops a protective layer of oxide on its own! Cleaning is a snap. Just rinse it with a hose if you like. Any other metal you will want to look for a rust-resistant powder coding to bring it to the same caliber. If wood is more your style, they also aren’t created equally. Teak is the best wood material to consider because it has a 100 year durability rating and is naturally resistant to damage caused by bugs. Eucalyptus and Cedar are second best.

When purchasing cushions and pillows for your furniture look for high UV rating so they won’t fade or be vulnerable to damage over long periods in the sun. The best material to look for is a mildew-resistant acrylic. Cleaning these items can be done easily once per month during use using a water and bleach spray.

Caring For Your Furniture

If you don’t have space in your garage, shed, or home during the off season, it’s best to at least cover your furniture as a barrier from the harsh elements of fall and winter. Buy any cleaning and keeping supplies you might need to care for your furniture at the same time you buy the furniture and keep it in a storage ottoman or table nearby to encourage you to maintenance it as needed. If you purchased an iron set, with or without a rust-resistant coating, you can consider purchasing a wax product made specifically for weather proofing that material. You can spot clean your cushions in between uses to remove fallen leaves and dirt using mild soap and water and once per month, allow a bleach and water solution sprayed on to sit 30 minutes before wiping. This will keep them looking new! Some items can be machine washed, but should never be dried in a dryer. Hang them outside to dry and read any tags sticking out of the product for proper instruction from the manufacturer.


Umbrellas and umbrella-like outdoor products need maintenance too! Especially after being used all season and then being stored. The joints need to be oiled and the fabric washed with a soft bristle brush and mild soapy water.

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