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Easily Turn Your Yard Into An Easter Scene

Do you live in a climate where you’re able to hold a beautiful Easter celebration in your yard? Take advantage and go all out! Adorn the yard with animals, ribbons, eggs, pastel colors, busy patterns, and the activities everyone loves, adults and children alike. Here are the best pieces of Easter decorative and entertaining advice.

The Basics

Mow your lawn a few days prior, so the grass is lush and healthy looking. To keep grass looking its best the months prior, mow in different directions every time and skip bagging the discards as it helps the grass maintain its nutrients and will grow straighter and longer when alternating directions. Take a rake to it lightly the day before your celebration to pick up any objects, leaves or grass.

The fun part is filling your yard with decorations that transform it into a world of Easter. Consider decorating some focal points first, to really make an impression with the least amount of things. Tables and seating are a great place to begin. Table cloths, runners, centerpieces, chargers and napkins are all items to adorn your table with. The table and the items can be rented pretty inexpensively as well. More focal points of your yard to decorate are deck railing, sheds, ponds or bird baths, and trees. You can decorate these just as you would a Christmas tree, with garlands, egg ornaments, animal figures, and more.


Easter egg hunts are the most obvious choice of activity for an Easter celebration, but there are endless Easter activities to choose from. Egg spoon races are second most popular Easter game. Guessing the number of jelly beans, egg tossing, and egg throwing are traditional Easter activities.

For the sake of this article, and showing off your beautifully decorated yard, Easter egg hunting is the way to go. Keep it safe by mapping out the parameters of the hunt to show the children, and give willing adults and teenagers bunny ears to wear while supervising the hunt.

Adding Extravagance

If you want to create an event to remember, hire an Easter bunny to take photos with or a small petting zoo. Animals such as goats, bunny rabbits, and baby chicks are popular and accessible. Creating a photo booth with a Easter decorated wooden walkway element is another great idea. You could even have a best or funniest photo contest, especially fun for the adults. An Easter stage can also be created in the backyard, where the children can put on an Easter play for the adults. Strategically plan it or just give them a stage and a box of dress up clothes and accessories and they’ll figure it out!

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