Lacking Curb Appeal

Easy Curb Appeal With Plants and Trees

You want to improve your curb appeal fast? Here are suggestions using plants and trees to improve the look of your front yard as quickly as possible, for potential buyers, visitors, or just yourself!

Frame your walk with trees

Symmetry is a beautiful element of design. If you want to draw the eye a little more up from the ground, hide something, or frame the walk, stairs, or doorway to the house, you can plant small trees on either side. Be sure to do your research to find the right tree for your lifestyle. Do you want a low maintenance tree that will not get very large, or one that takes up little horizontal space but gets tall and requires some pruning? Do you want a leafy tree-top, a tree from the pine family, or a bush? Do you want the tree to be green or provide color? Do you want a tree or bush that flowers?

Flower Boxes

Adding flower boxes to your windows or just the edges of the porch can add such charm and joy to the viewer. Some can even be purposeful if you plant useful herbs. Buying potted flowers that have already been grown to maturity are the easiest way to make this quick curb appeal adjustment. Otherwise, you can plant the seeds yourself. They can be planted indoors or outdoors. Gardeners plant them indoors well before planting season so that they reach maturity faster and can be planted in the boxes and bloom well before they would had they been planted outside first. If you choose to buy the plants pre-grown, you will want to purchase them before they bloom so that they bloom in your boxes!

Multi-level potted plants on the porch

Plants that remain in decorative pots outside are called container gardens. This look can be gorgeous and allows for a lot of creative freedom. A multi-level visual is appealing and can be achieved by using a decorative holder or shelf meant for the purpose. Otherwise you can find platforms for them to sit on such as wooden boxes in various sizes or make a platform of bricks. Use paint color, ornaments, and decorative pots to achieve the look you want! If you enjoy making collections and arrangements of things this might be the perfect option for you.

Upcycle a vintage piece into a unique planter

Old bicycles, bath tubs, wash machines, pieces of furniture, boots, and tractor tires are popular choices for turning regular household items into extraordinary planters. If you enjoy vintage things, thrifting or have been looking for a way to upcycle some of your junk, this is the way to go!

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