Recent Local Project Check-In’s

February 27, 2023Knoxville, TN US 37912

Removed tree that was struck by lightning and had a split top over the house.

February 27, 2023Seymour, TN US

Removed three large trees and cleared underbrush for new fence. Ground stumps

February 27, 2023Knoxville, TN US 37921

We removed a row of trees for a new fence and a couple smaller trees and ground the stumps.

April 7, 2022Oak Ridge, TN US 37830

Cut down hazardous ash tree that had already fallen on the neighbors house in the recent storms..

March 23, 2022,

Removed a rotten maple tree in knoxville Tn,that the homeowner was in fear of splitting onto there house.

March 4, 2022,

Cut down and removed two Oak trees dropping leaves on the house and one dead Cherry. Firewood cut and stacked and brush removed.

February 22, 2022Farragut, TN US 37934

Dead tree leaning over onto healthy tree was removed before it uprooted and fell on the neighbors fence.

February 22, 2022, TN US 37932

Row of stumps left from tree removal were ground to make property easier to maintain.

February 17, 2022Blaine, TN US 37709

Tree damaged by wind fell over on the fence barely missing the vehicles in the driveway. Carefully got the tree on the ground and cleared the driveway as the rain moved in.

February 7, 2022Corryton, TN US 37721

Removed row of Holly bushes against house and trimmed two trees in the yard.

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