Reasons Why You Should NOT Drive Through The Smoky Mountains

cades-cove-smoky-national-park-dont-just-drive-through-itDon’t Drive Through The Smokys

A 30-mile road, known at the Newfound Gap Road, passes through the Great Smoky Mountains. You may be familiar with this road because you use it from time to time. Well, it is time for you to explore the Great Smoky Mountains as opposed to just passing through it. This national park receives more three times more visitors than Yellowstone Park does because it has a unique and awesome experience to offer its visitors. More specifically, it hosts about 9 million visitors every year. Visiting the park will not cost you anything, as admission into it is free. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t drive through Smoky Mountains National Park.

– You Could Go Camping

Camping is always a great idea. It gives you and your family time to bond with each other and with nature. You no longer have to worry about the hustle and bustle of the outside world as long as you are camping in the Great Smoky Mountains. This park has 10 camping grounds. You can go for tent camping or opt for an RV. You can also decide to go with a camper. The choice is yours. You should read ‘Family Fun in the Smoky Mountains’ if you are new to camping. This book has great ideas on how you can make camping fun, educative, and unforgettable.

– You could go for a hike

Hiking is a wonderful physical adventure that you, your friends, and your family members would love. You can even hike to a waterfall so that you can rest near cool waters after a long trek. Remember, this national park offers you 20 waterfalls so you can pick any one of them will the shortest or longest trek. You can also choose one based on the scenery along the way as you hike towards it. Safety comes first so make sure that you do not climb rocks near waterfalls. These rocks are slippery and you might fall if you step on them.

– You could search for unique animals

When was the last time you saw a salamander. This national park has a nickname attached to it. People call it ‘the Salamander Capital.’ This nickname stems from the fact that the Great Smoky Mountains host 30 species of salamanders. No other region in the world boasts of such a high number of salamander species concentrated in one area. This national park also offers you a chance to see an elk. Humans nearly wiped out Elks in wave after wave of hunting raids, but these majestic creatures are making a comeback in the Great Smoky Mountains. Make sure that you catch a glimpse of these rare and precious animals.

– Other Fun Things to Do

These are just some of the adventurous things you can do when visiting the Smoky Mountains. However, you can do many other things. For example, you can go horseback riding or fishing. You can also visit historic sites such as cabin, schoolhouses, gristmills, and churches built by settlers. Kids can also become Junior Rangers. You can get an official booklet for Junior Rangers at only $2.50. Being a ranger will be an awesome experience for your child.

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