Stump Removal 101

Stumps are what’s left of a tree that has been removed from the ground up. Stump removal is not usually included in the cost of professional tree removal because the process is a lot more involved than the cutting down and dragging away a tree. A tree’s trunk and roots run deeply. This is why many home owners have stumps in their yards. Their obvious reasons for wanting to remove the tree completely is because they are ugly, they take up space and dictate how you can situate your yard, and they form tripping hazards. The ease of the stump removal is up to many factors including how many stumps there are, what kind of tree stumps they are, how old they are, and how big they are. Once you delve into how complicated a stump removal can be, you might consider calling a professional with expertise and experience. Here are a few ways a tree service can assist you.

Heavy Duty Tools

A tree serviceman will have all the tools needed for stump removal. If the best method for removal is by grinding away the stump, a tree service will have the 1,000 pound grinder, the shovel, rake, chainsaw, and mattock needed to complete the job. You can rent a grinder for 100-200 dollars a day, but the equipment is dangerous, you should be taught how to use it prior, and a professional service would likely charge you the same or not much more AND haul the debris away for you.

Pull Out By Hand or Truck

Small tree stumps, especially those of dead or diseased trees, are easier to remove by hand. This can be achieved by using a shovel to uproot what you can and chainsaw away at what is exposed. If the shovel is not working to uproot the stump, a chain can be wrapped around the tree and it can be pulled out by truck. A tree service will have experience with this and do it efficiently for you.

Chemical Stump Removal

There are chemicals that can be used to disintegrate the stump, but the process is still quite a bit of labor. As much of the stump as possible needs to be removed by chainsaw first, and then again when the tree becomes spongy from drilling holes and filling them with chemicals. The tree can also be soaked in kerosene for a few weeks and then lit on fire.

You can also attempt to rot the stump or just light it on fire after filling it with fuel and putting firewood on top of it. However you choose to tackle the stump removal, you will likely need a lot of supplies and tools you may have to rent. It’s not likely that the city will pick up the stump in the usual trash, so you will also have to determine a way to dispose of it yourself. A professional can alleviate a lot of the headache by removing it using the best, most thorough method and taking it away with them. After you cover the hole and successfully grow grass seed over it, you can use the land how you see fit again!

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