What Is The Fastest Way To Remove Bushes?

Bushes may be useful in many ways in your yard, but when they reach the end of their lifespan, you should get rid of them. Removing bushes for whatever reason is a simple task you can get done on the weekend. All you’d need is some elbow grease and the right tools, and you’re ready to take out some old bushes in preparation for new growth.

Steps To Take To Remove Bushes

Here are some of the tools you’d need:

  1. Round point garden shovel
  2. Handsaw
  3. Shovel
  4. Hedge trimmer
  5. Tarp

For your protective gear, wear the following:

  1. Work gloves
  2. Face screen
  3. A hat
  4. Eye and ear protection
  5. Long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

Once you have all these, keep your tools close, wear protective gear, and get ready to work.

Step 1

Cut The Branches On The Outside

You might have to reduce the bush size to gain access to the root ball. If the bushes you are trying to remove are small or medium, you can use an electric hedge trimmer to trim the outer leaves until the interior stems are visible.

If the bushes are large, cut out a few branches close to the stem and then using a chainsaw to cut from the inside at the main stem might be the most effective method. Having a friend around to help dispose of the branches as you cut them might be helpful.

Step 2

Cut The Inside Of The Branches

If you’re dealing with a smaller bush, keep using the hedge trimmer to cut the interior branches if they’re getting in the way. Cut just enough from the bush to access the root ball easily and dig around the bush with a shovel.

Step 3

Dig Out The Roots And Fill The Hole

Use your shovel to dig around the bush. When you get to the root, use your mattock, cut the roots, and lift the bush out of the ground. 

If the shrub is too heavy for you to lift out, you can rent a compact utility loader. This machine will help you pull the shrub out of the ground.

If you decide not to plant a seed right away in its place, cover up the hole where the root had been with surrounding dirt.

For homeowners who feel this might be too much work, you can hire a professional landscaper to get the job done.

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