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Yard Fencing Basics

Your Priority

What is the reason you are wanting to install a fence? Is it to keep the pet or children in the yard? Or for privacy and aesthetics? This question will likely narrow your choices a lot. If only to keep your loved ones in the yard, you can choose from many inexpensive chain link style fences. They are low maintenance and can be dressed up with colored plastic slats. For noise reduction and privacy, you’ll want a fence that is much taller and more solid.

Consider The Elements

Depending on where you live, there are probably fencing trends. If you are exposed to high risk of damage caused by storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, you’ll want to consider this when making your decision. In places that are threatened by these types of disasters, a wrought iron fence might be best. Even extreme high or low heat or humidity can cause your fencing material to crack, such as in Florida where you would not want the wrought iron fence because it would rust easily.


Common materials include (from usually most expensive to least expensive) wrought iron, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and chain link. Wrought iron is probably the toughest, followed by aluminum which is naturally rust-free and low maintenance. Vinyl can look really nice and be much lower maintenance than traditional wood (think white picket fence), but might cost a pretty penny. Wood is more expensive only because of its required maintenance to keep it looking nice (staining/painting/weather proofing/repairs), however, f you live in a neutral weather place, a wood fence can look really nice and serve its purpose. It’s a beautiful choice, aside from being costly. Chain link fences are the least expensive and get the job done. Like previously mentioned, you can enhance its look by adding colored slats. You can also landscape around the fence to improve its appearance. If you live in an HOA place or care what your neighbors think, gather their opinions because your decision effects the look of their backyards or neighborhood.

City Ordinance

Be sure to check with your city to obtain a permit for building a fence and follow all your city’s guidelines. If you choose to hire a company, be sure they are at least within these guidelines. Otherwise, look for their reviews and further evidence they are legitimate. Call three fencing companies to get their fence recommendation and quote before choosing one to be absolutely confident. Beware of low prices! As you know, companies who underbid are not always the most professional and you’d hate to pay less and get a poor execution.

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