Why is Pruning Important?

Professional Tree Pruning in Knoxville Tennessee-2-2Tree pruning can seem like such a chore. You have to spend time figuring out the best possible way to get those trees looking great. You need to know how safely to remove limbs and how to spot disease. It is not an easy job, but it is one that needs to be done if you hope to keep your property safe long-term. The good news is that you do not need to do this on your own. Rather, you can turn to a professional who will handle the process for you. Sometimes, having that professional hand can make all of the difference in the long-term.

Why Does It Matter?

There are several reasons that tree pruning is necessary. From the time that you plant one and onward through its life, you need to ensure it is growing properly. This means providing the plant with attention. A pruned tree is not one that is being harmed in any way. In fact, it will look better, grow healthier, and even remain disease-free longer if you take this step.

This process helps to promote health and new growth, too. However, it allows you to control the way in which it is growing. By taking off old & dead limbs, you allow the plant to focus more on increasing its size and developing new limbs than trying to restore the health to a broken one. This can sometimes make or break the trees altogether. By taking the time to trim and cut it back now, you reduce the risk that you will need to make big changes later on that not only will look bad but may also damage the health of the trees.

What Should You Do?

There are several steps to take to ensure your trees are taken care of properly. This includes steps such as crown restoration, shaping, reduction, thinning and raising. This focuses on the upper portion of the trees in your area. You should do this type of pruning to the larger trees around the home and also to the fruit trees, hedges and topiaries.

It is essential to hire a professional to do this work for you. There are two reasons for this. Tree pruning done by a professional is done properly. It reduces the risk that a problem will occur in the development of the plant. Secondly, it ensures the safety of your home and your own health. By doing the work yourself, you may put yourself at risk simply because you do not have the equipment and knowh ow to make sure nothing goes wrong.

The Benefits of Trees on Your Home Property

Charming Tree Landscape Knoxville Service-2-2Trees are an integral part of any ecosystem, and, in fact, they form part of the identity of some people. They are beautiful just in as much as they are useful for the sustenance of life on earth. In fact, without trees, humans and countless other species wouldn’t be here today. That is why you’d hear epic stories of environmentalists everywhere trying to save trees and urging populations to plant trees. In some parts of the globe, there are stringent laws that restrict the cutting of trees and encourage their planting, instead. Therefore, it is incredibly important to think twice before cutting down a tree. Also, it is incredibly important to plant trees on your property. The benefits of planting trees on property are wide-ranging:

Shade and Sun

Did you know that by strategically planting trees on your property, you can cut air conditioning needs by as much as 15%? Deciduous trees often maximize a home’s shade during the summer months and increases sunlight exposure during winter. To increase their sunlight blocking power, grow these trees on the western and southern sides of the home.


Trees are not just beautiful. They are not there so that man may admire their splendid lushness. Trees also perform a very important role of providing a home for local wildlife, and they lessen the effects of human activity on the surrounding ecosystem.

Trees that are planted outside your property draw more varieties of animal species. That is because they (the different animal species) are unlikely to be disturbed here.

Privacy and Noise Dampening

Trees can also be used as a hedge around your compound, thus, providing you with the much-needed privacy by keeping out intruders and buffering sound. Moreover, since they don’t lose leaves, trees require less maintenance and may be used as permanent barrier between your compound and your neighbors’ compounds. At the end, they will make your property look more serene.

Fruit Tree Knoxville Tennessee -2-2Food

Planting trees, especially fruit trees, in your property will help you to live more frugally. You will enjoy fresh fruit directly from your trees (it is healthy and saves you lots of unnecessary expenses.)

Increasing Property Value

Many people do not realize that planting trees on their property can increase their property’s value. Including trees in your landscape design will help you to achieve a desired curb appeal, thus, increasing chances that buyers can notice your property, should you put it on the market for sale. Spring-flowering trees, especially, make wonderful and appealing accents for the front yards. Also, according to stats, those neighborhoods with trees bedecking the sidewalks often have significantly higher property values.

Misconceptions about Tree Topping

If you’ve noticed that the trees around your house are beginning to outgrow their space, you need to contact a specialized arborist. Nonetheless, when you do, it is best also to know the method that can be taken to care for the issue.

Knoxville Tree Topping Knowledge-2-2The topping of trees is an approach that is hazardous to the well being of a tree as well as to the potential safety of your home. Topping involves removing more than 50 percent of the leaves of a tree. This gives the appearance of a tree reduced in size and for that reason provides a solution. In truth, it just causes extra difficulties.

When those leaves of a tree are taken out so rapidly, it stunts the feeding process of a tree. Leaves supply food and nutrients for a tree and without them, it can temporarily starve. So that you can survive, a tree will grow many shoots below every cut that was made so that you can produce new leaves, and new food, as quick as possible. A tree will likely be critically weakened and stressed by this process and could even die if it doesn’t have the correct quantity of energy stored.

A stressed tree also increases its susceptibility to attacks from pests and illnesses. Open cuts from pruning leave a tree exposed, and if it is already weakened, it may well not have the energy to fend off attacks.

Also, topping increases the likelihood of decay. Mainly because of where the cut is made – generally along a horizontal branches, which generates stubs – the tissues of wood are exposed. Usually, a tree would have the ability to protect itself against these wounds, but given the different extrem injuries made by topping, the tissues decay. This makes a tree weaker and far more vulnerable to being toppled during thunder storms or high winds, giving danger to your home.

The preferred spot of a cut to your tree should extend the collar of the branch collar at the branch’s point of attachment, a place where a tree is biologically prepared to close the wound. Canopy raising, which opens up space underneath the canopy of a tree, and canopy thinning, which removes harmful limbs first and then other people to enable air and light to pass through, are two secure alternatives when trimming your tree. You should never remove much more than 25 percent of a tree’s leaves in a given year.

Tree Topping: A Unsafe Tactic.

Tree topping is not the answer whenever you have concerns over the size of your trees. When compared to other alternatives, it is dangerous and unnecessary.