5 Reasons to Have That Stump Removed

5 Reasons to Have That Stump Removed-2

Have you had your work hindered by a tree stump, whether visible or hidden? Stumps can be a nuisance when left in your garden or lawn. They stand in the way and damage your tools if you happen to hit them unexpectedly. They’re also dangerous, causing tripping or even encouraging pests to breed. A professional […]

What to Do About Your Naughty Stump

What to Do About Your Naughty Stump-2

What is a business or a homeowner supposed to do after a tree service company has cut down the tree and leaves behind the stump? Most tree service companies will finish cutting the trees leaving a stump behind because they do not have the required equipment for removing them, leaving homeowners or businesses to brainstorm […]

Heres Why You Need To Hire Us For Your Commercial Tree Service Needs

Knoxville commercialTree

Tree service is one of the most important services for a property owner, especially if they have trees in their compounds. Taking care of trees is not as easy as it may seem. This is where the services of a professional come in handy. If you reside or own property in Knoxville, TN you are […]

Stump Removal 101


Stumps are what’s left of a tree that has been removed from the ground up. Stump removal is not usually included in the cost of professional tree removal because the process is a lot more involved than the cutting down and dragging away a tree. A tree’s trunk and roots run deeply. This is why […]