You want to improve your curb appeal fast? Here are suggestions using plants and trees to improve the look of your front yard as quickly as possible, for potential buyers, visitors, or just yourself!

Frame your walk with trees

Symmetry is a beautiful element of design. If you want to draw the eye a little more up from the ground, hide something, or frame the walk, stairs, or doorway to the house, you can plant small trees on either side. Be sure to do your research to find the right tree for your lifestyle. Do you want a low maintenance tree that will not get very large, or one that takes up little horizontal space but gets tall and requires some pruning? Do you want a leafy tree-top, a tree from the pine family, or a bush? Do you want the tree to be green or provide color? Do you want a tree or bush that flowers?

Flower Boxes

Adding flower boxes to your windows or just the edges of the porch can add such charm and joy to the viewer. Some can even be purposeful if you plant useful herbs. Buying potted flowers that have already been grown to maturity are the easiest way to make this quick curb appeal adjustment. Otherwise, you can plant the seeds yourself. They can be planted indoors or outdoors. Gardeners plant them indoors well before planting season so that they reach maturity faster and can be planted in the boxes and bloom well before they would had they been planted outside first. If you choose to buy the plants pre-grown, you will want to purchase them before they bloom so that they bloom in your boxes!

Multi-level potted plants on the porch

Plants that remain in decorative pots outside are called container gardens. This look can be gorgeous and allows for a lot of creative freedom. A multi-level visual is appealing and can be achieved by using a decorative holder or shelf meant for the purpose. Otherwise you can find platforms for them to sit on such as wooden boxes in various sizes or make a platform of bricks. Use paint color, ornaments, and decorative pots to achieve the look you want! If you enjoy making collections and arrangements of things this might be the perfect option for you.

Upcycle a vintage piece into a unique planter

Old bicycles, bath tubs, wash machines, pieces of furniture, boots, and tractor tires are popular choices for turning regular household items into extraordinary planters. If you enjoy vintage things, thrifting or have been looking for a way to upcycle some of your junk, this is the way to go!

There are far more trees and bushes you shouldn’t plant in your yard than ones that you should. When shopping around for low maintenance landscaping choices, you’ll need to consider the plant’s susceptibility to illness, critter infestation, its shedding patterns and pruning needs. These are 4 of the lowest maintenance trees and why you should consider using them in your landscape design.

Crape Myrtle

Varieties of Crape Myrtle provide a beautiful range of colors, usually in the pink and purple family. They require little work in pruning if given enough room to span and they enjoy hot climates. They could easily survive a drought and bloom well past other trees “showing times”. They make a beautiful choice for a first level landscaper who wants something “showy” and flowering. Most Crape Myrtle varieties can be found for between 30.00 and 40.00, with some more rare or extravagant varieties costing upwards of 100.00.

Colorado Spruce

Colorado Spruce trees, among other spruces, provide a beautiful needle producing tree with greater purpose. Birds love to nest in them and pesky deer do not enjoy this variety because they cannot eat it. This tree can survive almost anywhere but needs space to spread. It makes a good visual barrier between properties and can be harvested in winter as an ornament tree. Otherwise, it makes a perfect wintery picture blanketed with snow. Spruce trees can be found for as little as 10.00 per potted tree and may take a few years to establish, but once it’s strong enough it can grow as quickly as 24 inches per growing season.

Maple Varieties

There are many low maintenance trees in the Maple family, such as the sugar maple and Amur maple. These trees are sturdy and provide good shade with their thick leaves. They are the types of trees you drive around looking for during fall season when the leaves change from shades of dark maroon to red and orange before they fall. Young maples can be found for between 50.00 and 80.00 per tree.

Apple Trees

For the beginner wanting to plant something fruitful, Apple Trees lend themselves one of the easiest to grow and maintain fruit trees. Gardeners might enjoy harvesting something from their trees and expanding their gardening knowledge. Mid-range apple trees can be found for 30.00 to 50.00 per tree.

Of these four options, one is sure to fit your landscaping vision and improve your curb appeal. They are year round landscaping favorites, quite affordable and are widely available. In writing this article, we’ve made sure these tree varieties were available through your neighborhood hardware stores, so they should be made easily available by your local nurseries as well.

Know if it Is Safe to Plant Trees in Summer

Planting a Tree in Knoxville Tennessee-2A Well designed landscape with thriving plants and trees can be an asset to any property. Majestic trees standing in the yards add to the beauty of any house. Trees take time to mature but once they have grown, they serve many purposes in the garden. Depending on the kind of trees you are planting, they can provide you with fruits, edible nuts, shade and shelter.

There are many different types of trees that can be planted in the home garden. You can choose the right ones depending on your requirements. There are some amazing privacy trees, ornamental trees, flowering trees, fruit trees and landscaping trees available in the market. It is crucial to plant these trees at the right time so that they grow properly as different types of trees have different requirements.

Some of the common types of trees that are available in tree nurseries are:

Bare Root Trees

Bare root trees are the ones that have been removed from the soil with the root system intact. These trees do not have a root ball of soil attached and the roots are usually trimmed. Bare root trees are generally available for sale in the market during late winter season or early spring season. However, there is no specific time and you can buy them all year round. It is advisable to plant these trees as soon as possible so that they have more chances of growth.

Balled and Bur lapped Trees

Balled and bur lapped trees are those that are removed from the soil with most of its root system intact. These trees are removed with a ball of soil around the roots. The root ball is then wrapped with burlap which is generally synthetic or plastic in nature. The roots are bur lapped to keep them moist and protected. These trees can be stored for some time after purchase as long as the root ball is kept moist. These balled and bur lapped trees can be planted in late summer or early fall.

Container Grown Trees

Field grown trees are generally sold in containers for transplanting. These container grown trees have their root system intact and you can plant them whenever they are bought. It is advisable to avoid planting them during harsh winter season when the ground is frozen. Fall planting and spring planting are generally preferred by most of the gardeners as the climate during these seasons is favorable.

You can find best quality trees in a reputed tree nursery. There are plenty of options to choose from so go in for the one that best suits your requirements.