You want to improve your curb appeal fast? Here are suggestions using plants and trees to improve the look of your front yard as quickly as possible, for potential buyers, visitors, or just yourself!

Frame your walk with trees

Symmetry is a beautiful element of design. If you want to draw the eye a little more up from the ground, hide something, or frame the walk, stairs, or doorway to the house, you can plant small trees on either side. Be sure to do your research to find the right tree for your lifestyle. Do you want a low maintenance tree that will not get very large, or one that takes up little horizontal space but gets tall and requires some pruning? Do you want a leafy tree-top, a tree from the pine family, or a bush? Do you want the tree to be green or provide color? Do you want a tree or bush that flowers?

Flower Boxes

Adding flower boxes to your windows or just the edges of the porch can add such charm and joy to the viewer. Some can even be purposeful if you plant useful herbs. Buying potted flowers that have already been grown to maturity are the easiest way to make this quick curb appeal adjustment. Otherwise, you can plant the seeds yourself. They can be planted indoors or outdoors. Gardeners plant them indoors well before planting season so that they reach maturity faster and can be planted in the boxes and bloom well before they would had they been planted outside first. If you choose to buy the plants pre-grown, you will want to purchase them before they bloom so that they bloom in your boxes!

Multi-level potted plants on the porch

Plants that remain in decorative pots outside are called container gardens. This look can be gorgeous and allows for a lot of creative freedom. A multi-level visual is appealing and can be achieved by using a decorative holder or shelf meant for the purpose. Otherwise you can find platforms for them to sit on such as wooden boxes in various sizes or make a platform of bricks. Use paint color, ornaments, and decorative pots to achieve the look you want! If you enjoy making collections and arrangements of things this might be the perfect option for you.

Upcycle a vintage piece into a unique planter

Old bicycles, bath tubs, wash machines, pieces of furniture, boots, and tractor tires are popular choices for turning regular household items into extraordinary planters. If you enjoy vintage things, thrifting or have been looking for a way to upcycle some of your junk, this is the way to go!

Maintaining a beautiful yard can be made quite simple. Elements to get to know are watering, fertilizing, mulching, pruning and what to do in each season. If you hadn’t landscaped your own yard, the best first step would be to get to know the plants and trees in your yard and what their watering preferences are. From there the following suggestions should keep your yard easily maintained through each season. If your plants and trees are unsuccessfully kept you can celebrate the opportunity to choose plants or trees that require less maintenance. Let’s begin with up-keeping your lawn overall.


The first thing people notice about your landscaping and curb appeal will be the quality of grass you have and how well it’s groomed. To keep your lawn green and healthy you need only know how to treat it according to season and weather patterns. If your lawn needs fertilization to grow the best time to use it is mid-spring. During the summer you need only to water the grass 1 inch per week and during very dry spells, don’t mow. Grass can get stressed and react to frequent mowing. Pull weeds as you see them. At fall, rake leaves and re-seed any bald spots immediately before winter arrives.


Different trees flower and have regrowth in different seasons. It’s after they flower they would need to be pruned. Any dead branches or appendages should be trimmed. Learn the signs of illness and infestation and call an arborist if you see any signs of an ill tree in the summer. Mulching around the tree once a season allows the tree to retain its needed moisture and protect it from extreme heat or cold.

Growing Vines and Plants

Plants and vines that grow up your home, fences or other fixtures for decorative purposes should be pruned in spring. If left to grow they can look messy like no one is home. Just trim to your preference and then mulch the bases of the plants like you did your trees. Water as needed, and a little extra during dry spells.


Your flowers can be classified as either perennials (flowering over two years) or annuals (one season/year). Knowing what you have and what their watering needs are will help you care for them. Some need to be kept moist during dry seasons and some are more tolerant. Almost all flowering plants can benefit from fertilizer at least once per season. It’s okay to fertilize a flowering plant once when you plant them, when buds form, and again once the plant has flowered. When flowers wilt and die, it’s best to pluck them off the plant to encourage re-flowering. Once the leaves of the plant turn green to yellow, an annual can be plucked from the ground and a perennial should be trimmed close to the ground and the base area mulched 3-4 inches.

One person who works with trees is called an arborist, sometimes referred to as a tree surgeon, but for the sake of this article we’ll call them “tree servicemen”. Any individual or company who works with trees may offer a variety of different services that tend to the care of trees, including but not limited to; managing the health and safety of trees, pruning, cutting and removal services and further study of species and how to care for them. Most arborists work on a small scale with home owners or businesses. Foresters or loggers work on a larger scale, but have much of the same types of responsibilities.

Working safely and effectively is the very skill required of professionals that homeowners may not possess. This, all arborists will have in common. The degree of qualifications will vary beyond that. There are so many “disciplines” of tree work that many arborists will specialize in only one or two of them. A tree management company will try to employ individuals with the skills in all areas to offer the most value to potential customers and good arborists working as independent contractors will be honest about their limitations. Formal education and certification from an accredited college in different disciplines is available, but varies based on geographic location and its availability. Some places offer education all the way up to the master’s level. Some states and countries have the framework of qualifications in place and work independently from schools. In the U.S., the minimum requirements for an professional arborist (called a C.A. Or certified arborist professionally) have obtained three years documented and verifiable experience and passed testing distributed by the International Society of Arboriculture. The test passing tree serviceman is now a Qualified Arborist and can put this credential up to bypass some of the experience needed to be considered fully qualified in some instances.

If you are considering hiring a serviceman, it’s important to qualify him first. And if the contrary, you are a tree serviceman looking to begin working professionally and for financial gain, you will be subject to some legal pressure to have the correct credentials to work in your area or region. Having proper education can keep you from other legal problems you might face as well. Some cities employ conservation efforts of certain species and homeowners and their arborists need to obtain permission before altering or removing this species or any tree. Think twice before skimming on cerfications of you or any employees you hire, fines can be high or put you right out of business!

The same scrutiny should be employed by any homeowner thinking about carrying out their own tree service. In some states and locations you need a permit to alter, add, or remove any permanent structures on a property, including trees.

There are far more trees and bushes you shouldn’t plant in your yard than ones that you should. When shopping around for low maintenance landscaping choices, you’ll need to consider the plant’s susceptibility to illness, critter infestation, its shedding patterns and pruning needs. These are 4 of the lowest maintenance trees and why you should consider using them in your landscape design.

Crape Myrtle

Varieties of Crape Myrtle provide a beautiful range of colors, usually in the pink and purple family. They require little work in pruning if given enough room to span and they enjoy hot climates. They could easily survive a drought and bloom well past other trees “showing times”. They make a beautiful choice for a first level landscaper who wants something “showy” and flowering. Most Crape Myrtle varieties can be found for between 30.00 and 40.00, with some more rare or extravagant varieties costing upwards of 100.00.

Colorado Spruce

Colorado Spruce trees, among other spruces, provide a beautiful needle producing tree with greater purpose. Birds love to nest in them and pesky deer do not enjoy this variety because they cannot eat it. This tree can survive almost anywhere but needs space to spread. It makes a good visual barrier between properties and can be harvested in winter as an ornament tree. Otherwise, it makes a perfect wintery picture blanketed with snow. Spruce trees can be found for as little as 10.00 per potted tree and may take a few years to establish, but once it’s strong enough it can grow as quickly as 24 inches per growing season.

Maple Varieties

There are many low maintenance trees in the Maple family, such as the sugar maple and Amur maple. These trees are sturdy and provide good shade with their thick leaves. They are the types of trees you drive around looking for during fall season when the leaves change from shades of dark maroon to red and orange before they fall. Young maples can be found for between 50.00 and 80.00 per tree.

Apple Trees

For the beginner wanting to plant something fruitful, Apple Trees lend themselves one of the easiest to grow and maintain fruit trees. Gardeners might enjoy harvesting something from their trees and expanding their gardening knowledge. Mid-range apple trees can be found for 30.00 to 50.00 per tree.

Of these four options, one is sure to fit your landscaping vision and improve your curb appeal. They are year round landscaping favorites, quite affordable and are widely available. In writing this article, we’ve made sure these tree varieties were available through your neighborhood hardware stores, so they should be made easily available by your local nurseries as well.


knoxville-tree-calming-effects-servicesWe all need trees for the planet to survive. Millions of them are cut down all of the time. Trees can also affect us psychologically. Many people feel very calm when they are outside and surrounded by trees. People may not realize, but there are many ways that we can show how trees calm us down.

A 1984 study found that patients in hospitals that had a view of some trees were discharged sooner. Researcher, Robert Ulrich studied patients who had had gallbladder surgery. Another study looked at the city of Toronto. People with 120 more trees on their block were happier and healthier. These studies look at trees that were planted in people’s yards or on city blocks. They need to be placed where people walk by often.

You don’t necessarily have to like trees and nature to get the calming effects. You can get a less intense version of this effect while looking out of a window. Ulrich’s research inspired the designs of many new hospitals. They added walk ways and gardens to the hospitals.

Being out among trees and nature can reduce stress and improve mood. Breathing in fresh air can boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure. Breathing in the chemicals from plants can help fight disease. Take your workout outside! Exercising in the forest or even just sitting in the forest looking at the trees can lower blood pressure. They can help you focus on what is important. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from life.

New research shows how trees calm us down by looking at your parasympathetic nervous system. This can calm your entire body. It also helps lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Both of these things are what helps with your immune system. This is likely because we evolved from beings living in wooded areas, not the concrete jungles we live in today.

In your brain, different sets of neurons process different images. Unnatural images are scale variant; they can actually make you uncomfortable, especially stripes. The most common ones we look at everyday are text. These images cause an abnormally large oxygen uptake in the brain. Visual discomfort is an effort to release oxygen in the brain.

Trees can even have economic and social benefits as well. They can reduce your winter heating bills if you are in the west or the south. Businesses with trees in front of them produce a more inviting atmosphere, which can increase their business by as much as eleven percent.

Socially, trees have a calming effect on people. People who are dealing with high stress tend to be calmer in the presence of trees. It can even lower crime rates in your neighborhood. Having a community tree planting drive can help you get closer to your neighbors as well. We are all social animals, we want to make friends and connect with people. In children, trees have been shown to increase levels of concentration in children. Children exposed to nature learn self-discipline and have decreases in impulsive behavior.

Why You Should Hire A Tree Service Company

Landscape_Trees_dreams_Knox County TN-2-2Trees add great beauty and a feeling of well-established elegance to any home. But, poorly maintained trees can easily die before their time, develop individual safety hazards for your family and even cause a destruction of property in your home.

For a number of trees, pruning or at least a thorough inspection is recommended each year, particularly if the trees are situated along a property line, near your home, or around the power poles.

It is amazing to know how significant your trees are to everything, from the condition of your landscaping to excellent curb appeal. That is the reason it is important that we always keep our trees and shrubs very healthy and in ideal condition.

This is where a reliable tree service can be very beneficial to you, your entire family or even your home. Hiring a professional tree service company will assist you in maintaining healthy trees, and thus, reap numerous benefits of a healthy, and lush landscape. An inexpensive tree service which is effective and comprehensive will achieve many major objectives.

Benefits Of A Tree Service

1. Helps to prevent tree diseases

There are a vast variety of trees and shrubs diseases which can easily be fatal or harmful to a tree. Tree services, like a Tree & Shrub Evaluation®, assist in identifying, treating and even prevent any tree diseases before it is very late.

2. Assists to keep pests out

Different pests can eat and eventually destroy trunks, leaves, and branches. Proper treatments will assist to prevent damage by fighting against specific pests.

3. Maintains balanced nutrients

Trees require balanced nutrition to retain their strength, color, and beauty. A tree service like a targeted trunk injection often corrects any nutrient imbalances and boosts plant color and health.

4. Maintains soil and root health

Strong and healthy trees usually have strong, healthy roots to keep them up. The soil they’re rooted in is equally significant. The correct combination of adequate fertilization, nutrient-rich soil, water, and care is recommending for keeping your trees very healthy.

5. Stimulates growth

Specific tree services, like root-zone fertilization, enables all nutrients to reach deep into the base of the roots and the bark of the tree, stimulating color, growth, and development.

The Knoxville Tree Service specialists are highly qualified with rigorous training which demands annual recertification so that they’re professionally prepared to evaluate your lawn using the Knoxville Tree Service Healthy Lawn Analysis® and customized science-based solutions to suit the unique needs of your lawn throughout each season of the year.

How Will You Benefit Healthy Tress?

Through the care and generosity of tree services, healthy trees serve numerous purposes:

1. High property value

A flourishing landscape will significantly boost the overall appearance and health of your property, perhaps even raising its value.

2. Reduce heating and cooling costs

According to the US Department of Agriculture, a young and healthy tree can offer a net cooling effect equal to 10 room-size air conditioners that operate for twenty hours a day! Tree-shaded places are much cooler in summer, and trees serve as ideal protection from winter winds, reducing energy costs for your homes.

3. Healthy lawn

Your lawn is just as hearty as the key elements in it. A healthy tree always contributes to a flourishing lawn, assisting you to maintain a lush, beautiful landscape.

4. Maintain the quality of air

Healthy trees absorb various air pollutants like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and the smog as well as produce oxygen through photosynthesis.

Hiring certified experts to take care of your trees & shrubs is the greatest decision you can make for your home. Call the specialists at Knoxville Tree Service today at (865) 240-0737 to find out more information about the benefits of having healthy trees.



The Benefits of Trees on Your Home Property

Charming Tree Landscape Knoxville Service-2-2Trees are an integral part of any ecosystem, and, in fact, they form part of the identity of some people. They are beautiful just in as much as they are useful for the sustenance of life on earth. In fact, without trees, humans and countless other species wouldn’t be here today. That is why you’d hear epic stories of environmentalists everywhere trying to save trees and urging populations to plant trees. In some parts of the globe, there are stringent laws that restrict the cutting of trees and encourage their planting, instead. Therefore, it is incredibly important to think twice before cutting down a tree. Also, it is incredibly important to plant trees on your property. The benefits of planting trees on property are wide-ranging:

Shade and Sun

Did you know that by strategically planting trees on your property, you can cut air conditioning needs by as much as 15%? Deciduous trees often maximize a home’s shade during the summer months and increases sunlight exposure during winter. To increase their sunlight blocking power, grow these trees on the western and southern sides of the home.


Trees are not just beautiful. They are not there so that man may admire their splendid lushness. Trees also perform a very important role of providing a home for local wildlife, and they lessen the effects of human activity on the surrounding ecosystem.

Trees that are planted outside your property draw more varieties of animal species. That is because they (the different animal species) are unlikely to be disturbed here.

Privacy and Noise Dampening

Trees can also be used as a hedge around your compound, thus, providing you with the much-needed privacy by keeping out intruders and buffering sound. Moreover, since they don’t lose leaves, trees require less maintenance and may be used as permanent barrier between your compound and your neighbors’ compounds. At the end, they will make your property look more serene.

Fruit Tree Knoxville Tennessee -2-2Food

Planting trees, especially fruit trees, in your property will help you to live more frugally. You will enjoy fresh fruit directly from your trees (it is healthy and saves you lots of unnecessary expenses.)

Increasing Property Value

Many people do not realize that planting trees on their property can increase their property’s value. Including trees in your landscape design will help you to achieve a desired curb appeal, thus, increasing chances that buyers can notice your property, should you put it on the market for sale. Spring-flowering trees, especially, make wonderful and appealing accents for the front yards. Also, according to stats, those neighborhoods with trees bedecking the sidewalks often have significantly higher property values.