Easy Curb Appeal With Plants and Trees

Lacking Curb Appeal

You want to improve your curb appeal fast? Here are suggestions using plants and trees to improve the look of your front yard as quickly as possible, for potential buyers, visitors, or just yourself! Frame your walk with trees Symmetry is a beautiful element of design. If you want to draw the eye a little […]

Landscaping Maintenance Basics

Arborist in Knoxville -2

Maintaining a beautiful yard can be made quite simple. Elements to get to know are watering, fertilizing, mulching, pruning and what to do in each season. If you hadn’t landscaped your own yard, the best first step would be to get to know the plants and trees in your yard and what their watering preferences […]

Tree Serviceman Credentials

Tree Servicemen

One person who works with trees is called an arborist, sometimes referred to as a tree surgeon, but for the sake of this article we’ll call them “tree servicemen”. Any individual or company who works with trees may offer a variety of different services that tend to the care of trees, including but not limited […]

4 Low Maintenance Trees To Landscape With

Crape Myrtle

There are far more trees and bushes you shouldn’t plant in your yard than ones that you should. When shopping around for low maintenance landscaping choices, you’ll need to consider the plant’s susceptibility to illness, critter infestation, its shedding patterns and pruning needs. These are 4 of the lowest maintenance trees and why you should […]

Calming Effect of Trees


  We all need trees for the planet to survive. Millions of them are cut down all of the time. Trees can also affect us psychologically. Many people feel very calm when they are outside and surrounded by trees. People may not realize, but there are many ways that we can show how trees calm […]

Should You Use A Tree Service Company in Knoxville?


Why You Should Hire A Tree Service Company Trees add great beauty and a feeling of well-established elegance to any home. But, poorly maintained trees can easily die before their time, develop individual safety hazards for your family and even cause a destruction of property in your home. For a number of trees, pruning or […]

Home Property Benefits from Trees?


The Benefits of Trees on Your Home Property Trees are an integral part of any ecosystem, and, in fact, they form part of the identity of some people. They are beautiful just in as much as they are useful for the sustenance of life on earth. In fact, without trees, humans and countless other species […]